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Once again, Noble Packaging outdoes itself by bringing you the products you are looking for, at the prices and quality you expect. A full range of citizen jewelry scales, vertical scales, carat scales, and diamond scales are available to provide maximum weighing stabilization and balance. Boasting high speed and precision, select models include built in data ports for connection to PC's or printers. Compact jewelry scales pack powerful features into convenient portable packages that make weighing easy. Select from the wooden carat scale, jewelry pocket scale, jewelry portable scale or mini diamond scales like Tanita Digital scales. See the Ohaus Scale Collection, including the Ohaus Navigator, Ohaus Saphire 500 Gram Scale, Ohaus Explorer Pro, Ohaus sapphire Portable Carat Scale, Ohaus Ruby and Ohaus Diamond Scale. Whether you choose the Electronic Precision Scale, Gram Precision Scales, or the Gram Precision Micro Tech Scale, the jewelry scales at Noble Packaging are the ultimate in accuracy, durability and resourcefulness.

Your #1 source for jewelry gauges, mandrels and gem tools, Noble Packaging guarantees quality for long and continuous use. Pro-viders, Digital or Outside and Inside Calipers, ring sticks, ring sizing sets and multi finger sizers are necessities to run a smooth jewelry handling and repair operation. Gold testers and gem tests, gem scope microscopes, loupes, and magnifiers, are all essential jewelers supplies. Noble now offers a full line of watch batteries that have a consumer recognition factor unmatched by any other brand. See our hearing aid batteries, by popular brands such as Renata and Energizer.

As leaders in the watch tool industry, our selection includes hexagon Anvils, spring bar tools and kits, watchcase wrenches, watch analyzers, battery change kits, L-G Master Case Openers, Pliers, Pin link removers, glass press with dies, watch band shears, screwdriver sets, demagnetizers, oils and lubricators, repair jewelry appraisal forms, envelopes, and watch and jewelry repair record books. In addition to watchmaking supplies, Noble Packaging also stocks a complete collection of diamond supplies, such as pliers and diamond cutters, screwdrivers, tweezers, diamond flywheels, stone profilers and micro guage systems, which are essential for gauging inaccessible mounted diamond melee. See our adjustable or non adjustable saw frames and saw blades. For bead stringing, we have soft flex wires, Reamer sets, needles, beads, bead string kits, tri-cord knotting tools, ring size cutters and squizzers.

For maximum comfort during work hours, take advantage of these professional jewelers' work benches, bench jewelers' chairs and jewelers' workbench stools. Accessories such as swivel lamps, magnifier lamps, inspector lamps, bench lamps, cleaning brushes, dusting brushes, bench dusters, are necessary products, and finger guards, finger pros jewelers cotton or latex gloves gives polishers the protection they need to do the job right. Other hand tools such as scrapers, anvils, rollers, burnishers and knives, are also items we offer at Noble Pack. Our variety of ring stretchers, dapping blocks, forming blocks disc cutting tools, Blocks and punch sets, drawplates, plus more, might overwhelm you. But no need to worry. Our knowledgeable sales teams with their creative input and expertise will help you decide which products are best suited to your needs.

For the professional approach in jewelry handling and general jewelry gemstone knowledge, browse our helpful videos and books on jewelry making, jewelry designing and jewelry repairing. We also have videos and books with information on Wax modeling, wax casting, bead stringing, and of course, clock and watch repair guides.

Furnish your repair shop with the ultimate in jewelry supplies. Diamond discs, Tungsten Carbide Cutters, and carving kits are specialty items designed to cut or carve wax, wood and even metals. Our hand-cut, high speed steel burs last up to ten times longer than the standard bur. They offer exceptional cutting efficiency and are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, such as a round assortment of burs, bearing 45°, 70°, 90° burs, bud burs, cone burs, cylinder burs, slim reamer burs, wheel burs, inverted cone burs, flame burs, and setting burs. For other bur alternatives, see the diamond burs and wax bur kits and sets. A precision machine with a high power motor, yet compact in size, the Precision Drill Press is popular among jewelers.

Your #1 source for drills and drill sets as well as file sets such as needle files, barrette files, crossing files, round files, warding files, and wax files, are all part of our vast selection of files.

Popular for our soldering products, Noble Packaging is proud to be the providers of such an enormous stock of soldering items for jewelers. Torch kits, the Elma Hotflame Torch, the Electric Soldering Machine and soldering accessories such as the torch hose, torch regulators, air kits, and cylinders, are all featured on Jewelry waxing equipment and wax carving tools like the electronic Kerr - Ultra Waxer, steam de-waxers, melting dishes and crucibles, control furnaces, Electro-Melt products, digital injectors and casting machines are just a click away. Not to be overlooked are the Bead Blasters and full line of Engraving System Machines.

Every jeweler knows that beautiful jewelry begins with quality tools. That's why we have a complete stock of flex shaft machines, sleeve and ball bearing motors, as well as moulage items like the hammer handpieces, motors, and a drill press for improved control and extra comfort. We specialize in jewelry plating products including Rectifiers, Beakers, Anodes, electric hot plates and Electroplating Solutions. For the ultimate in jewelry cleaning, check out our ultrasonic cleaners such as the Elma Ultrasonic units and ultrasonic cleaner models, as well as the steam cleaners which are super compact in design.

Now goldsmiths and small sized jewelry manufacturers can benefit from labor saving and cost-effective wet and dry processes previously available only to large industrial manufacturers. Our fabulous polishing machines offer magnetic polishing, grinding and wet and dry polishing. Other supplies available includes granules, grinding chips, magnetic finishers, vibratory tumblers, rotary tumblers and ceramic media. Jewelry polishing tools, equipment and supplies like jewelry presses, mass finishing products, abrasives and craters cratex polishing units, as well as jewelry brushes, sanding disks, polishing cloths, wheels, split laps and flap wheels are best-selling items jewelers. A full line of buffs, polissage products, polishing motors and bench motors, lapping machines, and dust collectors or combos with tables can be purchased by contacting

Our new items include Welder machines and Welding Systems, rotary handpieces, steam dragon steamers, the ultrasonic cleaner model by Elma, threading tools such as bead cord, jewelry wire, magnifying lamp, folding lamps, molding rubber, injection waxes, a Rolex case opener, coilers, pliers, cutters, scissors, hammers, pearl drills and the Pearls Holding Machine. As leaders in ear piercing equipment, we have a vast selection of ear piercing instruments, with a complete of birthstar, birth stones and studs which are available in silver color plated.

For information about our products, don't hesitate to contact us at Our knowledgeable sales representatives are waiting to assist you.

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